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Professional Railroaders Providing Track Car Services To Railroads Throughout The West


West Coast Railroaders Group provides track cars along with qualified operators throughout the Western States, providing services tailored to each railroad, transit agency, or museums needs.

 West Coast Railroaders Group can serve the smallest short line or regional railroad up to and including Class 1 railroads.

Our services include:

  • Fire patrol & protection (behind steam and diesel operations)
  • Escort/Track patrol ahead of trains or on track equipment  
  • Minor railroad maintenance
  • Rail line inspections, including transporting railroad personnel over active or out of service lines
  • Motorcar excursions (including escort/piloting of motorcar excursions) 
  • Fundraising events for museums/non profits 
  • Track car operating and rules training
  • Railroad filming and motion picture services
  • Equipment for display purposes 

West Coast Railroaders Group operators are career railroaders. WCRG operators are qualified on:

  •  General Code of Operating Rules
  •  Roadway Worker Protection Rules
  • Track Car Operating Rules
  • Safety Rules  

 WCRG operators meet all Federal qualification requirements for the operation of On Track Equipment/CFR Part 214. Many of our operators are also Certified Locomotive Engineers meeting CFR Part 240 requirements.

Other qualifications may include:

  • CPR and First Aid
  • TWIC Credentials

West Coast Railroaders Group equipment roster includes:

  • Period correct track cars for stream era operations   
  • Modern track cars for diesel operations
  • Un-restored track cars for an original look
  • Fire patrol cars 
  • Various push cars available

At West Coast Railroaders Group, we are committed to safety. WCRG operates thousands of track miles each year safely and efficiently over our host railroads.   

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WCRG Adds Motorcar Excursions To Our Services Offered To Railroads Starting In 2018

WCRG will now offer motorcar excursion services, including excursion planning, motorcar excursion operating rules and standards, as well as providing trained and qualified railroad personnel to safely operate motorcar excursions over host railroads throughout the West.
WCRG Completes The Fire Patrol Season Over The Virginia And Truckee Railroad October 15th, 2017. Our 6th Year Providing Thousands Of Miles Of Safe, Reliable Service

SPM 4735 with WCRG 505 proceed into Virginia City on opening day May 27th.
WCRG 6634 with WCRG 509 work the heavy grade near Haywards on the last day of the season Oct 15th.
WCRG Places Our Newest Track Car, WCRG 574 Into Service October 2017

WCRG 574, formerly Seaboard Coast lines 574, ready for service.
WCRG 574, built by Fairmont Railway Motors in the 1950's, ready to serve our host railroads.
WCRG & Roaring Camp Railroads Host Vintage Motorcar Rides Benefiting Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area September 16th and 17th, 2017

Motorcar consist ready to depart Roaring Camp depot.
WCRG motorcar consist on display between motorcar trips.
WCRG, The Save Protect Foundation And The Virginia & Truckee Railroad Host Victor For His Special Train Day On The Virginia & Truckee Railroad June 10th, 2017

Victor ready to go on WCRG 6634 as he finishes his interview with KRNV TV Reno.
Victor is all smiles as he prepares for a cab ride in V&T Locomotive D-1.
Victor and his family on V&T Locomotive D-1.
Victor in the engineers seat of V&T steam locomotive #29.
WCRG 2016 At The Make-A-Wish Foundation's Waffles And Wishes Event At The Grand Sierra Resort In Reno,NV. June 7th, 2017

Make-A-Wish Northeastern California and Northern Nevada's CEO Jennifer Stolo with WCRG 2016.
Display table with information on WCRG and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. 
WCRG 2016 At The Nevada State Legislature May 11th, 2017

WCRG 2016 on display in the front lobby.
Display table with information on WCRG and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. 
WCRG & Roaring Camp Railroads Host Vintage Motorcar Rides Benefiting Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area May 6th And 7th, 2017

WCRG 1945 leads the consist to Roaring Camp Depot. 
Passengers enjoy a scenic ride through the Redwoods.
WCRG 2016 At Amtrak's Oakland,CA. Mechanical Facility February 1st, 2017

Amtrak President Charles "Wick" Moorman with WCRG 2016. Thank you to Amtrak's Pacific Division for your continued support for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
WCRG 2016 on display behind Amtrak California passenger car 8309 at the Mechanical Facility.
WCRG, The Virginia & Truckee Railroad, Along With KNPB Host Make-A-Wish Kid Benjamin October 22nd, 2016 

Benjamin and his family catch a motorcar ride to the Depot at Virginia City.
Benjamin at the Virginia City Depot riding in WCRG 6634.
WCRG & Roaring Camp Railroads Host Vintage Motorcar Rides Benefiting Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area September 10th And 11th, 2016

WCRG 1945 leads the consist on the way to Roaring Camp Depot.
WCRG 2016 brings up the rear at the San Lorenzo River bridge.
WCRG Hosts Motorcar Rides At The Western Pacific Railroad Museum For Portola Railroad Days August 27th And 28th, 2016

WCRG 1945 on the balloon track at the Western Pacific Railroad Museum. 
WCRG 1945 waits for WP 1503 to clear before operating around the balloon track.
WCRG & The Virginia &Truckee Railroad Host Vintage Motorcar Rides Benefiting Make-A-Wish Northeastern California & Northern Nevada July 9th And 10th, 2016 

 WCRG 1945 pulls the heavy grade back Virginia City Depot from Gold Hill, NV. with a full load of passengers. Riding a motorcar is a very unique way to see the famous Virginia & Truckee railroad.
WCRG 1945 stops at Gold Hill, NV. as passengers look over the town of Gold Hill, NV. Seven trips each day were offered to take passengers over the line, raising money to support Make-A-Wish Northeastern California & Northern Nevada.

WCRG 2016 At Amtrak's Oakland,CA. Mechanical Facility June 3rd, 2016

WCRG 2016 sits on display behind Amtrak President Joe Boardman's train at Oakland,CA. Thank you to Amtrak's Pacific Division for your continued support for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
Amtrak President Joe Boardman with WCRG 2016. Thank you to Mr. Boardman as well as his staff for taking time out of his schedule to be photographed with WCRG 2016.
WCRG 2016 On Display At The Fillmore & Western Railfest April 30th And May 1st, 2016

Andy and Teresa Wilkinson on WCRG 2016. Thank you Dave, Andy, and Teresa for supporting WCRG and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
WCRG 2016 with WCRG 506 on Display at the Fillmore & Western Railfest 2016.
WCRG 2016 Highlights WCRG's Support For The Make-A-Wish Foundation  

WCRG is proud to place WCRG 2016 service January 2016. This track car highlights WCRG's continued support for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, bringing awareness to the railroad industry with this Make-A-Wish themed track car. 
WCRG, Along With The Virginia & Truckee Railroad Host Make-A-Wish Kid Koran December 12th, 2015

WCRG 1813 prepares to depart the Virginia City Depot with Koran for his motorcar ride over the railroad, following the Candy Cane Express Train.  
V & T Candy Cane Express arrives at Scales with Koran and his family on the train, while SPM 4735 and WCRG 506 hold between switches on the siding. The pushcar is loaded with gifts for the family to receive at Virginia City. 
Koran gives a thumbs up during the motorcar ride.
Koran next to SPM 4735 at the Virginia City Depot
WCRG Pilots NARCOA Over The Virginia & Truckee Railroad May 15th And 16th, 2015

WCRG 1945 safely pilots NARCOA to the end of track in Virginia City. The excursion endured harsh winter weather conditions most of the first day.
Lead pilot car WCRG 1945 leads NARCOA at Moundhouse, NV.
WCRG Adds Fire Patrol Push-Car WCRG 509 To The Roster To Meet The Increasing Demand For Our Fire Patrol Services
WCRG On Location Transporting The Film Crew Over The Virginia & Truckee Railroad During Filming For The Great Scenic Railway Journeys Program Oct. 2014

WCRG 1952 runs ahead of the Carson City train for filming at Donovan with creator and producer Robert Van Camp of Great Scenic Railway Journeys.
WCRG 1952 transports Robert Van Camp of Great Scenic Railway Journeys as he films the railroad and it's operations from Virginia City to Carson City. 
WCRG Pilots Motorcar Operators West Over The Virginia & Truckee Railroad  Sep. 6th And 7th, 2014

Tim Broughton, Manager of Operating Practices prepares to pilot the group from Virginia City to Carson City.
Excursion Group holds the main track at Scales behind the Carson train. The pilot cars have fire patrol duties as well as the push car full of food and drinks for the excursion.
WCRG Provides Fire Patrol For The Santa Cruz Portland Cement #2 Steam Excursion Over The Santa Cruz, Big Trees And Pacific Railway, And Santa Cruz And Monterey Bay Railway July 11th-13th 2014

Santa Cruz Portland Cement # 2 takes the east leg of the wye at Santa Cruz, as SPM 4735 and WCRG 504 hold between switches on the SCMB main track.
WCRG fire patrol holds in the clear at the north end of Santa Cruz on the SCMB line, as Santa Cruz Portland Cement # 2 proceeds back to Felton.
Santa Cruz Portland Cement # 2 at Roaring Camp. As the train has stopped to discharge passengers, WCRG fire patrol flags up behind the train.
SPM 4735 with WCRG 504 as its trailing unit hold the main track at the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz on the SCMB Railway. SPM 4735, a Fairmont S2-F built for the SP in 1944 is back on "home" rails. The fire partol will proceed west to follow the Santa Cruz Portland Cement # 2 Excursion train back to Felton. 
Foundation Train Trip June 20th-22nd 2014 For Jonathan Makes A Wish Come True

WCRG, Amtrak, BLE Division 144, and the Virginia & Truckee railroad came together to give this special boy his wish to ride the Locomotive of Amtrak's California Zephyr over Donner Pass, and then over to the Virginia & Truckee railroad to ride the steam train, and ride along with the fire patrol crew. Special thanks to everyone that made his wish come true.

Jonathan prepares to depart Sacramento, CA for Reno, NV. His custom engraved reverser can be seen in the controller.
Jonathan's ready to ride SPM 4735 with WCRG 506 at Eastgate, all decked out in new overalls donated by Tom Gray, General Manager of the Virginia & Truckee Railroad.
WCRG Hosts The Dayton Depot Days Fundraiser Over The Palouse River & Coulee City Railroad June 13th And 14th, 2014

Tim Broughton, Manager of Operating Practices protects the rear of the group, operating rear pilot car WCRG 1993 between Dayton,WA. and Prescott,WA.
Lead pilot car WCRG 1956 with WCRG 506 pilot the group out of Dayton,WA to Prescott,WA.
WCRG At The California Express Railroadiana Show February 9th, 2014

Tim Broughton, Manager of Operating Practices greets attendees at the show.
SPM 4735 and WCRG 506 on display at the show.
WCRG Pilots Pacific Railcar Operators Over The Virginia & Truckee Railroad May 16th And 17th, 2014
Excursion group heading east holds between switches on the main track at Haywards.
Excursion group at Virginia City on the main track, with pilot car SPM 4735/WCRG 506 in the siding waiting for the group to depart.

WCRG Pilots Pacific Railcar Operators Over The Virginia & Truckee Railroad May 18th, 2013

Photo stop near Haywards, where SPM 4735, a Fairmont S2-F built for the SP in 1944, and WCRG 506 as its trailing unit lead the group
 up the heavy grade to Virginia City.      

Excursion group holds between switches at Eastgate as WCRG 1813 runs around the group.

WCRG Pilots Motorcar Operators West Over The Virginia & Truckee Railroad  Sep. 7th And 8th, 2013

Lead pilot car SPM 4735 and WCRG 504 as its trailing unit lead the excursion from Eastgate to Virginia City. Along with piloting the group, fire patrol is also provided as the group follows the Carson train up the heavy grade to Virginia City. 

Rear pilot cars WCRG 1952 and WCRG 505 as its trailing unit, along with WCRG 1813 and WCRG 506 as its trailing unit provide protection for the rear of the group. Along with providing fire patrol, WCRG push car 506 carries a full load of food and drinks for the excursion group.

West Coast Railroaders Group proudly supports the Make-A-Wish Foundation
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